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Data Collction

We know how important your privacy is to you, and its important to us that you feel safe and secure on our service. We want to make sure that you have the very best experience of Custom Keyboard.

By using our Custom Keyboard as your third-party keyboard and turning on the Full Access, you are allowing us of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address. In accordance with Data Protection Act 1998, we will never collect your personal information; we will not resell or use your data in any ways; we will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. With Custom Keyboard, your data is always safe. You can be assured that nothing will be collected from your side.


If you have any other concerns over privacy, this privacy policy or our app please contact us at

Become Santa Booth

Ever wish you had the perfect tool to Transform yourself or your kids into Santa Claus?

Now you can Transform yourself and your friends into Santa Claus and other cute Christmas characters.
Choose from Hundreds of Japanese Props (Beards, Hair, Hats, Male Santa Outfits, Female Santa Outfits, Rudolf, Gingerbread, Cookies, Nutcracker dolls, Accessories, and many more).
Become Santa Booth is the perfect photo booth for all ages for this Christmas

-Decorating your Baby Pictures
-Self Shots
-Transforming any picture into the Cutest Christmas Moment
-Making a Customized Christmas Card Print

-Works with photos taken with iPhone Camera or browsed from your photo library.
-Choose from hundreds of items. Infinite number of ways to decorate your picture.
-Select Beards, Hair, Hats, Male Santa Outfits, Female Santa Outfits, Rudolf, Gingerbread, Cookies, Nutcracker dolls, Accessories, and many more.
-Add Text and Captions.
-Upload the Result on your Facebook and Twitter.
-Make your Personal Postcard/Letters/Pictures using AirPrint.
-Send ‘Picture Email’ to your friends and families.
-Save results to Your Device


Xmas Tree Builder

Build your own Christmas Tree, decorate it with Ornaments, and have your Messages engraved on it. Post your result on your Facebook wall or Twitter. Make a custom e-Card with your tree and message to send it to your loved ones. 

Christmas Tree Builder at your Fingertips 
If you want the coolest, the cutest, and the most fun Christmas Tree Builder, Christmas Tree Builder is the one to get. Featuring a variety of Trees, Ornaments, Backgrounds and Fonts, Christmas Tree Builder is the perfect app for everyone for this Christmas. 

Fun for All Ages 
– Simply build a Christmas Tree: Fun educational experience for kids and adults 
– Make a custom eCards to send them to your loved ones 
– Make a special tree with your special message on it and then surprise your friends by posting the result on your Facebook wall 

Easy for All Ages 
1. Choose your Tree 
2. Select your Background 
3. Select your Props – Ornaments, Gingerbreads, Nutcracker dolls, Stars, Ribbons, and many more. Press the ones you like and they will appear on your photo. 
3. Add Text and Captions using our built-in Text editor. Choose your favorite font, size, and color, and type whatever you want. 
4. Adjusting the props and captions is easy. Drag, pinch and rotate to rearrange and resize. 
5. Save to your device, send them to your friends via email, or post them on social sites at a push of a button. 

Easy and Fast Uploads to Social Sites 
– Upload the results on your Facebook wall at a push of a button. 
– Tweet the result. Upload the results on your Twitter at a push of a button. 

Make Custom eCards & Real Postcards 
– Email the result to your friends and families as eCards. 
– Make your Personal Postcard/Letters/Pictures using AirPrint.


Slender Man vs The Exorcist

Life of the Slender Man is in your hands! 

The best addictive online ranking game with the scariest Slender Man has arrived! Control Slender Man by tilting your iPhone and try fighting against the Exorcist. The Exorcist throws down Cross, Holy Water and Garlic to get rid of you while bonus items like Baby Flesh, Blood and Eyeballs are falling as bonus items to boost up your power. Are you ready to become the Highest Scorer in the world?


Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod


Smeagol Booth

For this Holiday, turn yourself into Smeagol!
Smeagol Booth features the scariest yet the funniest photo booth for this Holiday. Simply take a self-shot or browse a photo from your Photo Library. Then you can easily add Smeagol face into your picture with a touch of a button. Add scary monster faces, add text and show it off to your friends!
Download Smeagol Booth and surprise your friends with your self shot turned into Smeagol!

– Works with photos taken with iPhone/iPad Camera or browsed from your photo library
– Choose from Monster Face props
– Add Text and Captions
– Upload results on your Facebook/Twitter
– Make your Personal Postcard/Letters/Pictures using AirPrint.
– Send ‘Picture Email’ to your friends and families.
– Save results to Your Device
– Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad


Guide for Angry Birds Star Wars

Finally Three Star Cheats for new Angry Birds is out here!
Guide for Angry Birds features Three Star Level Clear Guide for the newest hit game ‘Angry Birds.’ If you can’t beat the high levels of the new Angry Birds, this is a must guide for you. We have beaten all the levels with three stars and we have all the playings caught on tape. Watch videos for all the levels and beat the game in a single try!

Guide for Angry Birds currently contains guides for all available 4 stages & 131 levels. We will update the app with more levels when Angry Birds come out with more extra levels in the future.

Download Guide for Angry Birds now, and beat the whole game faster than anyone!

This Guide is an Unofficial Guide created by Zebra Factory. This Guide, nor Zebra Factory, are affiliated with Rovio Mobile. This Guide has been created under Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright Law and associated and equal Doctrine and Laws in other legal jurisdictions.

All graphic assets have been created by Zebra Factory graphic designers.

Wallpapers for iPad mini

Here comes a must app to decorate your new iPad mini! 
Wallpapers for iPad mini will make your iPad mini look even cooler and better than the rest. Featuring Thousands of the high-resolution wallpapers for your iPhone’s retina display, Wallpapers for iPad mini will surely make your iPad mini stand out from the rest. Whether it’s your favorite animal or city night view, you can choose your favorite wallpapers to decorate your Lock Screen or Menu Screen at your fingertips. You can also send your favorite wallpapers to your friends via email or upload them on Facebook and Twitter at the touch of a button. 

✔All Wallpapers are 768 x 1024 or higher in pixels for your crystal clear iPhone screen 
✔Many Themes to choose from 
1. Animals and Plants (Portrait) 
2. Animals and Plants (Landscape) 
3. Landscapes (Portrait) 
4. Landscapes (Landscape) 
5. Patterns (Portrait) 
6. Patterns (Landscape) 
7. Celebrities (Portrait) 
8. Celebrities (Landscape) 
9. Cartoons (Portrait) 
10. Cartoons (Portrait) 
11. Car (Portrait) 
12. Car (Landscape) 
13. Minimalism and Abstract (Portrait) 
14. Minimalism and Abstract (Landscape) 
✔Thumbnail Views 
✔Zoom In/Out and Slideshow 
✔Save to Device 
✔Email with Picture attachment of your choice 
✔Upload on Twitter 
✔Upload on Facebook